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I am the FourHourTeacher. Striving to live an optimised life where every minute is filled with sixty second worth of distance run.

I measure myself by my growth, presence and influence and this is my platform.


The table below includes the full list of posts from my project to share my thoughts and practices to live an optimal life. I’ve much else to learn but something I have learned is that writing to share my thoughts is great for clarity, organisation and advancing my mission to live an influential, present and improving life.

TitleWhat’s it about?Link
Alcohol: An EvolutionMy journey to drinking very little Alcohol
So You’re a Veggie?!Why I am almost entirely vegetarian
Kicking off on YoutubeI’m Starting a Youtube Channel
Calling Notice: 2021SWAN#3: 5 April – 16 May 2021SWAN#3 Starting 5th April
The Tribe 10% ProjectMy Half-Marathon Training Programme
PodcastingThe Podcasts I listen to at the moment
Life in the Fast LaneIntermittent fasting – what is it and why I do it
Fatherhood vs AmbitionBalancing being a present Dad and ambition
Everyone Loves a CheatHaving a day off my healthy diet per week
The Power of ExternalisationThe value of externalisation for improving your mindset
A Chilling EncounterCold showers – what I do and why
300, Like SpartanHabit tracking, what I do and how it helps me
What Do You See?As a leader/coach, the value of asking ‘What do you see?’
Mind Full of PresenceMindfulness – what is it and how it helps me
Why FourHourTeacher?Why is the site called FourHourTeacher
Reading Multiple Books at OnceWhy I have multiple books on the go at any one time
2021’s Page of The YearThe most impactful page of any book I have read this year so far
Productivity ‘Bang For Your… £4.59’The life hack that helps me conveniently retain more of what I read
Habits of a LifetimeMy morning routine
SWAN Part 3: Goals for 2021SWAN#2Sharing my goals for SWAN#2
SWAN Part 2: I like the idea of it but…Supporting people through a typical barrier to goal sharing
SWAN: The Best 6 WeeksHow SWAN#1 helped me through lockdown Jan – Feb 2021
Better Future Dad?My thoughts on the competition between being a present Dad and improving as a person