I didn’t ‘Skip Ads’ on Tony Robbins

I got funneled this week. But it’s ok. I made it, I think.

I knew it was happening. Like a sucker to the punch, I followed those ever so tempting promises of future success, fulfillment and companionship, convincing myself that by the time the big sell came, I’d have learned something of value, something which would have made the last 90 minutes worth it. It turned out to be 2 hours because as Dean put it, “we just got so carried away in the excitement of so much great stuff to tell you about”.

So did I learn anything? And was it worth 2 hours?

You see, for all the hype around the great Tony Robbins, I’d never actually spent any time getting his message direct from the horse’s mouth. Ben Harding, in his Acccelerated Momentum Programme, talked often about how Jim Rohn had taught Tony who had taught Ben, so I’d always felt like I’d had some of his learnings.

Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and Benjamin Hardy – Jim & Ben have been massively influential

When the Youtube advert interrupted the start of my recent Tim Ferris indulgence, I actually skipped the ‘Skip Ads’ button and gave it the 2 minutes. And when the option to ‘click here to discover your new future’ appeared, I thought why not.

I could describe it as if the next thing I became aware of was sitting on Tuesday 16th February at 18:00 UK time, Dean Graziozi talking to me and supposedly ‘millions’ of others from around the globe. This would be a lie as in the interim 4-5 days I received at least an email a day reminding me to ‘set your alarms and calendar invites’ and just how much I had to look forward to. All very inspirational but essentially softening me up for the big sell.

So what happened? That’s for tomorrow.

Dean Graziozi

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