SWAN Part 2: I like the idea of it but…

You’ve maybe been approached by me or by others who are interested in the benefits of socially accountable goal setting and thought that the idea of it sounds great but that something is holding you back.

For some, this may be not having anything you want to work on and this is fine, goal-setting may not be for everyone.

For others, it may be that you’ve already got massive things going on, a baby en route or a wedding coming up, and the last thing you need is the perceived pressure of goals to work towards; at least not at the moment.

But I’m putting money on it that the majority of us who resist the temptation to go for it initally are held back by the apprehension that when our goals are compared with others’ we will be left humbled in the company of goals which cast an almighty shadow over, in our view, our meagre aspirations.

Believe me, I’ve been there and I get it.

In 2021SWAN#1, I looked at the goals of my peers and truly felt that pang of admiring but ultimate envy at the goals of others who were achieving the things years ago that I am working towards now. I could feel my motivation challenged, questions asked of myself about why I hadn’t done more sooner.

The answer however lies in years of not taking risks and having a go. The only difference between me and my more, in my eyes, accomplished peers is that they took a risk (a risk I might add with minimal actual downside, there’s actually nothing to lose!), tried some new things, grew and achieved.

I realised that the only options I had were to choose to continue down my path of wandering without aim; or to refocus on myself, my goals and what I could do to move forward.

So my wish for you today is that you choose challenge. You choose growth. You choose progress. Because to become our best selves, at some point this is what we must do.

So now, my challenge to you is to copy and paste these words into a message and send it to someone you trust:

Hey, I’ve been thinking, It’d be cool to set some goals to be achieved in the nest 6 weeks – you up for it? Fitness/health/relationships/business… anything goes!

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