SWAN Part 3: Goals for 2021SWAN#2

If you’ve read ‘Part 2′, I talked about how the thought of comparing our goals against others’ can be enough to put us off ever setting or sharing some. I talked about how much of a shame that would be for you to miss out for that reason.

If that’s truly not you but you’re still feeling a resistance to getting involved, then it might just be the case that you’re lacking inspiration over what goals to set for yourself.

In this post, I will share my goals for 2021SWAN#2, which starts today, Monday 22 February 2021 and will run for 6 weeks until Sunday 4 March.

My Goals for 2021SWAN#2

  1. I will make a note of the time I get into bed each night and improve this metric on a 7 day rolling average throughout the 6 weeks.
  2. Stay on track with my training plan to run a half-marathon in 1:18 on 22 May.
  3. Publish 250 words on average per day.
  4. Test email service to support Dads with the admin of being a Dad.
  5. Have my Wife rate me daily on how good I have been as a Husband.

Let me explain.

  1. My biggest area for improvement in the health stakes is definitely my hours of sleep. There are enough books, blogs, articles and research papers highlighting the benefits of good sleep that I don’t need to look any further. I know that when the alarm goes off most mornings I feel knackered, so I mustn’t be getting enough shut-eye and I want to fix it. I know that by tracking the time I ‘hit the hay’, I will have a metric I can work to improve. By tracking I simply mean having a notebook on the bedside table into which I enter the time against each date.
  2. The last of my ‘fast’ fitness goals. I have entered a race on 22 May and will follow a 12 week training schedule to land me at the start line with a decent chance of achieving this time.
  3. Inspired by Dickie Bush’s Ship 30 for 30 and Ali Abdaal’s Youtube channel (click-baity but I find them to be high-value and so watchable), for example here, this is something that I want to try to see if it is for me. Consistently putting my words onto paper will be a challenge for a mathematician so this is a real cognitive growth target.
  4. I have an idea for a business that I want to test out. If it works you can read all about it in the Financial Times*.
  5. I feel like having a score will be a means to open up conversations at home about how I can be better. I don’t think I’m too bad right now but fundamentally this is the most important relationship I have and I want to keep getting it right. People might baulk at this being on the list but I share it here to demonstrate that I am for real in setting these goals, targetting the most important areas in my life for constant development and I encourage you to do the same.

So that’s it, the goals that will have my focus for the next 6 weeks: health, fitness, cognitive growth, business and relationships all covered. I have a bunch of habits which will under-pin my progress towards these goals and will surely talk about those in another post, probably this week but these are the 5 big goals that if when I have achieved it will have been an excellent 6 weeks.


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    1. Hi Tom H,

      Great question! In my experience the stats can often seem fairly uncorrelated with how I feel in the mornings, so I’ve found myself growing less trusting of them over time. What about you? Do they work for you?
      What model do you use?

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