Call Me a Cynic…Thoughts on Tony Robbins & Dean Graziozi’s Live Training

Priceless, but only because they’ve never sold it before!

I got funneled last week. But it’s ok. I made it, I think.

I knew it was happening. Like a sucker to the punch, I followed those ever so tempting promises of future success, fulfillment and companionship, convincing myself that by the time the big sell came, I’d have learned something of value, something which would have made the last 90 minutes worth it. It turned out to be 2 hours because as Dean put it, “we just got so carried away in the excitement of so much great stuff to tell you about”.

So did I learn anything? And was it worth 2 hours?

You see, for all the hype around the great Tony Robbins, I’d never actually spent any time getting his message direct from the horse’s mouth. Ben Harding, in his Acccelerated Momentum Programme, talked often about how Jim Rohn had taught Tony who had taught Ben, so I’d always felt like I’d had some of his learnings.

Benjamin Hardy’s AMP was my first taste of personal development courses, in 2018

So when the Youtube advert interrupted the start of my recent Tim Ferris indulgence, I actually skipped the ‘Skip Ads’ button and gave it the 2 minutes. And when the option to ‘click here to discover your new future’ appeared, I thought why not.

I could describe it as if the next thing I became aware of was sitting on Tuesday 16th February at 18:00 UK time, Dean Graziozi talking to me and supposedly ‘millions’ of others from around the globe.

This would be a lie as in the interim 4-5 days I received at least an email a day reminding me to ‘set your alarms and calendar invites’ and just how much I had to look forward to. All very inspirational but essentially softening me up for the big sell.

So what happened?

Dean started with the warm-up. The World has changed and whatever you have to sell is the only thing that counts and the World is ready for it…

  • What if your experience was your inventory? What if your brain was your warehouse?
  • Selling what you’ve learned is the future!
  • The self-education industry is the future.
  • If you could go back and spend 1 day with your 10 year younger self? What would you say?
  • Not a get-rich-quick scheme!
  • But it is an industry which is exponentially growing.

Dean’s story is that when he was a kid he stumbled across Tony Robbins’ infomercials, paid a healthy sum for it and it changed everything. The next year he bought one for all his family.

Dean started an infomercial of his own called ‘Motor Millions’ into which he poured every penny he earned. His Sister rushed down to ‘talk some sense’ into Dean like a caring relative of a drug addict.

And it planted the seed of doubt into Dean’s mind, he was no Tony Robbins. But then he realised that he could only do what he could do and he must do that.

Dean then stepped across to the whiteboard where he talked us through ‘the dip’ of the messy learning uncomfortable action. But in the self-education industry we try to build a bridge across the precipice.

The key is to identify the exact audience who want to cross the precipice without the mess. And these days it is so much easier (isn’t it always!) than when Dean got started due to the prevalence of social media, we can be in the pockets of our audiences within just minutes.

We were shown numerous success stories with mouth-watering costs per course and the message is clear; ‘you too can be earning those figures‘. Also the unspoken message is that anything you have been through, you can share your learnings with others.

Dean dropped in the personal story of his own Son’s eczema treatment, and how one (‘unselfish’, Dean’s words) woman recorded a course on her phone sharing her experiences of treating her own child’s same condition.

We then went back to the whiteboard and were talked through how the woman ‘niched’ down from the 7 Billion people in the World to Parents who want to naturally treat eczema in their little children. The message is that rather than try to serve 7 Billion people, much more achievable to narrow it right down to one specific type of people or product. It’s this same message: Kevin Kelly’s 1000 true fans and Seth Godin’s ‘This is Marketing’: “Niching down“.

Then reverse engineer the process from the very middle, go looking for that audience who will buy knowledge you are sharing. And today, that is probably in the tens of thousands, minimum.

By having a small niche, you grow in confidence and feel more of a duty to share what you have and know.

Then to think about how to sell what you have to share.

Rather than choose your topic based on what you know or are a professional in, Dean encourages us to choose our topic based on what we have energy for!

Uncomfortable action is the only way.

Do you want to be the thermometer or the thermostat?

Dean Graziozi

Brendon Burchard, in his High Performance Planner, asks us every day what one uncomfortable thing cold we do. It’s a hard question to answer isn’t it! Dean tells us that this uncomfortable action is the step that needs to be taken.

Again, it’s so much easier nowadays, we can precisely target our audience. Instead of social media using you, you get to use IT!

We can go after our audience and we can reach them in minutes.

Dean inspires us that this is the moment, there is no better moment. Whether you have the skill, are the messenger of the mess or are the reporter, you have knowledge and information that you can share as a course, mastermind or workshop.

So why go with Dean and Tony?

  • Don’t learn your own mistakes.
  • Follow Tony & Dean’s blueprint.
  • Use T&D’s guidance.
  • Don’t miss out on the shared:
    • Mindset
    • Strategy & Tactics
    • Immersion
    • Implementation

…which T&D have gathered into a modular course including:

  1. Mindset – Become unstoppable
  2. Superpower – Work out what, to who and how to share what you have
  3. Marketing – Think ‘service’, how can those who need your shared knowledge not miss it?
  4. Confidence – How do you do your events in such a way that your audience love it

Then we find out what’s for sale. Dean talks us through the package he and Tony have put together to get us started and support us through our journey to success. They’re sold to us as almost priceless because “they’ve never been sold before” And for today only the whole package is half-price; I can’t say I’m surprised; when is it not.

I’ve never sold this spoon before, does that make it priceless?

With KBB (Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course) we don’t need to choose between massive success for ourselves AND making a big difference.

Then we had the inspiring videos of people like us who made the leap, jumped in despite having seemingly great reasons not to. Dean answered questions (authentic, who knows?) from the audience, enquiring about whether the course is for them.

Tony appeared right at the end to inspire and motivate us to take action.

“It’s not you it’s patterns. Change your patterns and you can change your results.”

Tony Robbins

Tony, as Dean had continually, worked to convince us that we should take the 64 years of experience on offer. Why learn from our own mistakes when this is available to us? We’re not paying for the knowledge per se, it’s the knowledge now that we’re paying for. Why make our own mistakes for the next 4-5 years when we can by-pass them on the road to more immediate success and influence?

So the question is, have you done one of these courses? Are they worth it? They make a big promise, do they live up to it?

Maybe I’m just not there yet with my journey towards an attitude of abundance but the cynic in me is sceptical. I’m sticking for now with organising a cohort of enthusiastic and trustworthy peers to provide a platform of accountability, blended with a commitment to putting myself out there and trying things that I’d have felt far too risky a year ago.

You can read all about it here…

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