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Small changes can have massive impacts

I am constantly on the look out for anything that will improve my environment, increasing my chances of making progress towards my goals and reducing my reliance on willpower. I believe that one of the smallest purchases I have possibly ever made this year has made a step improvement to that progress.

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“Anything I can do to remove or reduce my dependency on the limited energy source that is willpower will improve my chances of progress on the road to success.”

— Andrew Arnold

I, like many of you, have long found that reading is something that is best fitted in just before we go to sleep meaning that it’s inevitably the last thing that happens in bed, unless we are fortunate enough to have other business to attend to in which case willpower is not the issue 😉

The challenge has been twofold:

  1. What to use as a bookmark? Until now, for some reason, this has always been the receipt from when the book was purchased. It serves only one purpose and inevitably took my mind back to the shop where I bought the book. This may have been a good occasion but is fundamentally not what I want to be thinking about when I’m trying to read the book.
  1. How to easily keep track of the paragraphs which are particularly relevant or meaningful to me, the ones I want to apply to my day-to-day life. Trying to use a separate notebook and pen in bed always felt awkward to the extent that after a few days I’d stop bothering. In addition, the stop to make relevant notes broke the flow of the chapter and at this late stage in the day I’d normally struggle to get back into it.

For both of the above reasons I have never felt like I’ve been getting as much value from my reading as I might.

This year I have solved both of these issues and in doing so have realised a step-change in the volume of top-quality insights, tactics and strategies that I am able to extract from my reading and apply in my day-to-day life.

My solution, at a grand total of £4.59 (at time of writing), is Coloured Index Tabs.

When they are still in the holder they serve both as my bookmark and ‘unleashed’, they are my marker for those ‘must-remember’ paragraphs. 

Sure, this is not the end of the process for capturing and embedding these learnings into my life but they’re a start and they move me further along that road.

Keep reading for what I do next. To make sure you don’t miss it…

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