2021’s Page of The Year

Sometimes in our reading we come across a page which resonates with such large amplitude that we find ourselves reading it again and again, the insights striking a chord with us and the bells of inspiration reverberating to the sound of enormous personal growth.

I found such a page this week. A page which felt so relevant to me personally that I can’t recall reading anything else recently which I have since reflected on quite as much as this.

The page is number 63 in Brendon Burchard’s book titled High Performance Habits, his manual to accompany and support his High Performance Planner which I have written about before.

I’ll write a longer book review at some point, but its subtitle is ‘How Extraordinary People Become That Way’ and I’m really enjoying it, largely because it is supporting the Planner which I have been using consistently this year.

Here it is…

I know right! PRO-FOUND! I had to hold myself back from highlighting the whole page.

Even as I write this I am still struck by the enormous potential of these words to transform my journey. So let’s break it down a little.

Highest Performers:

  1. Rarely focused on their present personality or preferences.
  2. Consistently thought about who they wanted to be and how to become that.
  3. Knew what broader skill sets they would have to master in coming months and years to serve with excellence.
  4. Had lists of future projects that would lead them to a bigger dream.
  5. Obsessed with the same focus about how to help others get what they wanted.
  6. Could describe with great clarity how they wanted to feel in upcoming endeavours.

I found myself bundling these 6 points up and reflecting on them a lot since reading this page. 

The focus not on who I am today, but on who I need to be. The skills I need to master over the mid to long term to serve my future communities. The feelings I will have when I am growing into the person I want and need to become. The future projects that will lead me to the bigger dream. The focus I should have on helping others get what they want.

If I had to sum it up into one sentence, I’ve thought it would be the following…

“What vision for myself can I have now for which my future self would say thanks?”

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So for me, I’m still reflecting a lot on what these changes are. Indeed, the blog you are currently reading is probably a part of my answer.

And for you…?

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