Why FourHourTeacher?

I often get asked who or what the inspiration behind the site is. What is it that finally made me get over the inertia of not knowing how to build a website or write a blog and the underlying fear of putting some work out on the internet.

Well, to cut to the chase, it’s this guy…

Tim Ferris is, in the eyes of millions, a legend. His podcasts have been downloaded over half a BILLION times. His books, all 5 of them, have been bestsellers. He keeps company with some of the most interesting minds in the World.

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In 2005, Tim wrote a book called The 4-Hour Workweek which took off in the best-sellers charts and stoked up an almost cult-like following who have been applying his methods ever since. From that he also spun off The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef, which incidentally is not only a cookbook of food but of recipes for becoming world-class (or maybe only very good) at lots of stuff very quickly. More recently then it was Tools of Titans and Tribe of Mentors. All 5 books are, in my opinion, superb.

Since first hearing of him in, I’m estimating, 2010, I have avidly listened to his podcasts, read his blogs and devoured his books. However, my one great challenge with Tim and the ideas that he and his guests share, are that they are great for, and I’m massively generalising here, creative consultant freelancers who already earn seven figures and want to find a different way to frame the challenges they are meeting in the further development of their business.

I’ve often listened to him and thought ‘that sounds great, but I work full-time, am a busy Dad and don’t have cash sloshing around the account to inject into a marketing campaign’, for example.

The Four Hour Teacher is my attempt to bridge that gap, build something that gives the regular every-person a few tools, tactics, tricks, hacks, strategies, whatever you want to call them, to find the edge that maybe makes them a percent or two better every day. 

If we can compound all these up over the longer term,  it will really make the difference.

If you want a taster of Tim at his best, read this blog post and listen to this podcast episode. Enjoy!

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