This is going to be the best yet!

Anyone who has been a part of Six Week Accountability Network (SWAN) #1 or #2 will appreciate the benefit of setting goals to be achieved over a 6 week period.

I have certainly felt the benefit of the accountability to sit and write this blog on nights, like tonight, at the end of a day when there was much else to do.  But the sense of ‘someone will be checking’ is such a powerful one, and once the keys are tapping I enjoy it.

It’s not for the lack of ideas about what to write. For me it’s the inertia of opening of the laptop and connecting brain to keyboard. But it’s an inertia which is much easier to overcome having built the habit over the past 5 weeks with the support of the network.

Why 6 weeks?

In some ways we have Boris to thank, see SWAN Part 1. We have found though that there is somewhat of a sweet-spot in this time period, short enough to make and achieve goals that are doable, but not so short that the goals aren’t sure to fail when they meet the turbulence of real life. What this means is that, depending on the ambition in your goals, there is some forgiveness in the schedule – you can have a bad week and still make progress.

What will I need to do?

You and I, or anyone else with whom you choose to set up your own accountability network(s) will exchange a set of goals and swap a few messages once a week or fortnight, to share successes and challenges. That’s all. Anything more than that is up to you. 

You’d be amazed at the dialogue that opens up. 

My favourite thing about SWAN #1/2 has been the connection I simply wouldn’t otherwise have had with smart people. 

Andrew Arnold

I have made 5-10x the progress I would otherwise have made, which is why I put the time into keeping it going.

Will anyone I don’t know see my goals?

Not unless you share them.

So you’re reading this because you’re at least slightly intrigued. If you’ve not taken part in SWAN#1 or #2 and you think you might like the momentum of 6 weeks accountability, mull it over for the next week until 5 April and then we can go for it.

Or you’ve already been a part of SWAN#1/#2 and appreciate the benefit. In either case, I truly hope you’re onboard for 2021SWAN#3 and look forward to swapping goals with you, or hearing about the success of your own network, from 5 April.
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